We Freeski is a holiday, not a boot camp!

We want you to have fun, be safe and feel confident that you can put your trust in us and have a great time.

We like to push ourselves, but within the boundaries of everyone’s capabilities. Skiing is about adapting to your terrain and making good decisions according to what’s under your feet and in front of you. Tactics and technique, both of these form the core principles of making you a better skier and having more fun.

Our idea was to take our passion for skiing and combine that with our passion for Freeskiing. Our courses are designed to provide a real taste of what true Freesking has to offer. Our focus will be to ski a variety of terrain and guide you through our special techniques, both tactical and technical, that will help you navigate the rough and smooth with more ease.

You will be a ski enthusiast with many weeks already under your belt and some favourite resorts that you’ve already tasted yourself. Perhaps you have already started to venture outside the boundaries of the groomed slopes. You will be able to handle red runs confidently but some blacks are still a real challenge. Your off-piste skiing varies and you still have trouble linking those turns together in deeper snow conditions.

Don’t worry, we will have a group that fits your standard and our maximum size is 6 people.

Skiing with these guys is fun and refreshing. I enjoyed every single minute, whether it was on-piste, in the bumps or skiing the best powder snow ever! John Bailey, London

Contact Info

Contact us directly for more information on our courses or complete the form on the website.

Telephone UK: +44 (0)7543 799338
Telephone Norway: + 47 (0)9754 6073

e-mail: info@we-freeski.com


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